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Commercial Lending

Does your company need to purchase something that is not a residential property? I can find you financing for that!

LoMack Financial can help with your company’s real estate financing needs if:

  • Your company requires financing for new development, mergers or acquisitions, restructuring, and/or private placement
  • Your company currently owns or leases its facilities
  • Your company has specialized facilities and/or location requirements
  • Your current facility/structure cannot accommodate future growth

This type of mortgage is available for:

  • Multi-unit residential (5 or more rental units)
  • Retail plazas, strip malls and shopping centres
  • Office buildings and medical centres
  • Industrial buildings

Commercial Lending is not suitable for all projects, in which case we may advise you to consider Custom Lending. Custom Lending may be available if you have highly specialized real estate including:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Social clubs and banquet halls
  • Schools and places of worship
  • Recreational real estate
  • Car washes and restaurants
  • Properties that require stabilization (currently vacant or being retrofitted)

To learn more about our Commercial Lending OR Custom Lending opportunities, please contact Wanda today!