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Equipment Leasing

Acquire equipment while preserving working capital

Financing that makes sense

Leasing, rather than buying, can make good business sense. It can free up your money to make money, whether it’s for investing, maintaining cash flow, or putting something back into your business.

An equipment lease agreement is a contractual agreement where the lessor, who is the owner of the equipment, allows the lessee to use the equipment for a specified period in exchange for periodic payments. The subject of the lease may be vehicles, factory machines, or any other equipment.

How does equipment leasing work?

A fair market value (FMV) a lease where you make monthly rental payments in exchange for the right to access and use the equipment. At the end of the lease, you typically have the option to purchase the equipment at its fair market value (as determined by the leasing company), renew the lease, or return the equipment.

Finance leases give you the option to own equipment under lease. You can structure the heavy equipment leasing on a full payout basis, or you can select a construction equipment leasing option that allows you either to buy the equipment at a predetermined price or return it.

Is leasing right for your business?

We can help you determine if leasing is the right solution for your needs by comparing lease vs. buy vs. loan. And we’ll calculate it on an after-tax basis to make the most of tax savings.

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